MOS 2021

May 01 2021
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May 1 - May 9
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Saturday 01 May 2021

MOS 2021

May 1 - May 9


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Elaine West

ELAINE WEST “I continue to explore oil painting in a way that is both responsive to how a scene speaks to me, and is also open to variations in styles. […]

Arlene Whiting

ARLENE WHITING “New challenges this year. My goal, as always, is the emotional connection with my subjects. Do they breath, are they moving, and most of all, do I love […]

Caged Heart

Laura Wilson-Hill

Laura Wilson-Hill “My monotypes are about manipulating the familiar, playing with color and form, and shifting perspective. I often choose organic subjects, such as flowers and leaves, which invite me […]

Melissa Woodburn

Whoozzits – 12″h x 15″w x 7″d MELISSA WOODBURN “I am inspired by using a variety of media to express statements about the rhythms and cycles of living. The creative […]

Michael Mundy | Mt. Tam Sunrise

Beautiful Marin

An informal selection of Marin County landscapes by participating artists and photographers.

Patricia Zemanek

A Beautiful Bowie, acrylic on wood panel Patricia Zemanek “My works are comprised of a growing and eclectic array - featuring abstracts, expressionism, realism and pop surrealism. Other inspirations include [...]