Elaine West

ELAINE WEST “I continue to explore oil painting in a way that is both responsive to how a scene speaks to me, and is also open to variations in styles. […]

Arlene Whiting

ARLENE WHITING “New challenges this year. My goal, as always, is the emotional connection with my subjects. Do they breath, are they moving, and most of all, do I love […]

Caged Heart

Laura Wilson-Hill

Laura Wilson-Hill “My monotypes are about manipulating the familiar, playing with color and form, and shifting perspective. I often choose organic subjects, such as flowers and leaves, which invite me […]

Melissa Woodburn

Whoozzits – 12″h x 15″w x 7″d MELISSA WOODBURN “I am inspired by using a variety of media to express statements about the rhythms and cycles of living. The creative […]

Michael Mundy | Mt. Tam Sunrise

Beautiful Marin

An informal selection of Marin County landscapes by participating artists and photographers.

Patricia Zemanek

A Beautiful Bowie, acrylic on wood panel Patricia Zemanek “My works are comprised of a growing and eclectic array - featuring abstracts, expressionism, realism and pop surrealism. Other inspirations include [...]
White Web, 54" x 54", acrylic and pencil on wood panel

Kate Zimmer

WHITE WEB, 54” x 54”, acrylic and pencil on wood panel KATE ZIMMER “I explore gestural abstract expression and am guided by intuitive mark-making techniques. Each painting is a roadmap […]

We Are going Virtual!

We are going virtual!  We thought that we would have to cancel our beloved open studio event when we suddenly realized that you need us more than ever!